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Answer ESTEE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1985 autobiography subtitled "A Success Story"ESTEE 5
______LauderESTEE 5
"Anew" gospel croonerESTEE 5
"Terminal Bliss" actress ChandlerESTEE 5
"Teen Wolf Too" actress ChandlerESTEE 5
Girl's name that sounds like two letters of the French alphabetESTEE 5
French name that sounds like two lettersESTEE 5
Woman's name that sounds like two consecutive French lettersESTEE 5
First name in anti-aging productsESTEE 5
First name in skin care since 1946ESTEE 5
Gospel crooner that wears makeup?ESTEE 5
Name on a bottle of "pleasures intense"ESTEE 5
Signature scent of a cosmetics giantESTEE 5
Mother of businessman/politician Ronald LauderESTEE 5
A first name in cosmeticsESTEE 5
A first name in fragranceESTEE 5
Compact name with an accentESTEE 5
First name in beauty productsESTEE 5
First name in cosmetics?ESTEE 5
First name in eye shadowESTEE 5
First name in foundations with 5 letters
First name in foundationsESTEE 5
First name in fragrancesESTEE 5
Lauder of cosmetics fameESTEE 5
Lauder of lipsticks and suchESTEE 5
Lauder of scents and suchESTEE 5
Lauder of the beauty bizESTEE 5
Popular women's fragranceESTEE 5
Dressing room product ___ LauderESTEE 5
Cosmetics businesswoman LauderESTEE 5
Cosmetics company co-founder LauderESTEE 5
Cosmetics company cofounder LauderESTEE 5
Rocker's makeup friend, ___ LauderESTEE 5
Big name in beautyESTEE 5
Big name in compactsESTEE 5
Big name in cosmeticsESTEE 5
Big name in makeupESTEE 5
Big name in perfumeryESTEE 5
Compact first name?ESTEE 5
Cosmetics first nameESTEE 5
First name in beautyESTEE 5
First name in fragranceESTEE 5
First name in makeupESTEE 5
First name in mascaraESTEE 5
First name in perfumeESTEE 5
First name in perfumeryESTEE 5
First name in scentsESTEE 5
First name in skin careESTEE 5
First name on compactsESTEE 5
Forename in cosmeticsESTEE 5
Forename in fragrancesESTEE 5

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