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0.0000001 jouleERG 3
0.1 microjouleERG 3
100 nanojoulesERG 3
___-seconds (Planck's constant unit)ERG 3
Bit of the "work force" found in the six longest answers in this puzzleERG 3
The impact energy of a small mosquito flying into a wall, roughlyERG 3
Work done by a force of one dyne over a distance of one centimeterERG 3
Indoor rowing machine, briefly, in rowers' jargonERG 3
Unit in the centimeter-gram-second systemERG 3
About 624 billion electron-voltsERG 3
Centimeter-gram-second unit of workERG 3
Centimeter-gram-second work unitERG 3
Physics unit that comes from the Greek word for "work"ERG 3
Bit of work in physics classERG 3
Centimeter-gram-second unitERG 3
One dyne per centimeter measureERG 3
One of a joule's 10,000,000ERG 3
One ten-millionth of a jouleERG 3
One-tenth of a microjouleERG 3
Region of shifting sandsERG 3
Rowing machine, for short with 3 letters
Rowing machine, for shortERG 3
Ten-millionth of a jouleERG 3
Ten-millionth of a newton-meterERG 3
Tiny fraction of a foot-poundERG 3
Tiny fraction of a jouleERG 3
Unit of work, in physicsERG 3
Work at the science lab?ERG 3
Unit whose name comes from the Greek word for "work"ERG 3
A bit of a jouleERG 3
A little bit of workERG 3
Calorie fractionERG 3
Component of a jouleERG 3
Duned desert areaERG 3
Electron-volt multipleERG 3
Exercise machine unitERG 3
Foot-pound fractionERG 3
Foot-pound relativeERG 3
Foot-pound subdivisionERG 3
Fraction of a jouleERG 3
Fraction of a watt-hourERG 3
Kilowatt-hour fractionERG 3
Little bit of energy?ERG 3
Little bit of workERG 3
Measurement of workERG 3
Metric energy unitERG 3
Metric work unitERG 3
Minute part of a jouleERG 3
Modicum of energyERG 3
Physicist's unitERG 3
Physicist's work unitERG 3

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