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Answer EPEES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

FoilsEPEES 5
''Shakespeare in Love'' weaponsEPEES 5
BladesEPEES 5
SwordsEPEES 5
"Shakespeare in Love" propsEPEES 5
"Shakespeare in Love" swordsEPEES 5
"Pointless" Olympic event?EPEES 5
RapiersEPEES 5
Weapons whose tips are held in place with grub screwsEPEES 5
As swords, they're virtually pointlessEPEES 5
Equipment for a modern pentathlonEPEES 5
Sports equipment used with masksEPEES 5
Sports equipment waved in the airEPEES 5
Sports equipment wired for scoringEPEES 5
Swords that don't cause injuriesEPEES 5
They might be used when making ripostesEPEES 5
They're carried by people in masksEPEES 5
Weapons that are hardly cutting edgeEPEES 5
Weapons with 90-centimeter bladesEPEES 5
Weapons with blades about a yard longEPEES 5
You won't get the point of these with 5 letters
You won't get the point of theseEPEES 5
Aluminum foil alternatives?EPEES 5
Blades with guarded tipsEPEES 5
Equipment for pentathletesEPEES 5
Modern pentathletes' needsEPEES 5
Modern pentathletes use themEPEES 5
Modern pentathlon bladesEPEES 5
Modern pentathlon equipmentEPEES 5
Modern pentathlon swordsEPEES 5
Modern sport fencing weaponsEPEES 5
People in masks wave themEPEES 5
Rapiers with three-sided bladesEPEES 5
Somewhat harmless swordsEPEES 5
Sporting gear with bell guardsEPEES 5
Swords with fluted bladesEPEES 5
Their points are coveredEPEES 5
Their points are guardedEPEES 5
Their points are made bluntlyEPEES 5
Their tips are well-guardedEPEES 5
They have cup-shaped guardsEPEES 5
They'll keep you on guardEPEES 5
They might touch one's heartEPEES 5
They often have pistol gripsEPEES 5
They're crossed in competitionEPEES 5
They're guarded in competitionEPEES 5
They're heavier than foilsEPEES 5
They're needed for fencingEPEES 5
They're rather pointlessEPEES 5
They're sort of pointlessEPEES 5
They're virtually pointlessEPEES 5

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