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Answer ELIZA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'enry's protegeELIZA 5
1964 role for AudreyELIZA 5
''My Fair Lady'' heroineELIZA 5
"Pygmalion" flower sellerELIZA 5
'Enry's fair ladyELIZA 5
"Pygmalion" characterELIZA 5
'Pygmalion' heroineELIZA 5
"Pygmalion" partELIZA 5
"Pygmalion" protégéELIZA 5
'Enry's trainee, on BroadwayELIZA 5
'Enry's studentELIZA 5
"Wouldn't It Be Loverly?" singerELIZA 5
'Enry's "My Fair Lady" tuteeELIZA 5
'Enry's Broadway protégéELIZA 5
'Enry's Broadway protégéeELIZA 5
"Uncle Tom" girlELIZA 5
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' characterELIZA 5
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" escapeeELIZA 5
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" womanELIZA 5
"Wild Thornberry" voiced by Lacey ChabertELIZA 5
"The Wild Thornberrys" kid who communicates with wild animals with 5 letters
"The Wild Thornberrys" kid who communicates with wild animalsELIZA 5
"My Fair Lady" characterELIZA 5
"My Fair Lady" flower sellerELIZA 5
"My Fair Lady" title characterELIZA 5
"My Fair Lady" girlELIZA 5
'My Fair Lady' ladyELIZA 5
"My Fair Lady" missELIZA 5
'My Fair Lady' nameELIZA 5
"My Fair Lady" roleELIZA 5
"My Fair Lady" heroine DoolittleELIZA 5
"I Could Have Danced All Night" singerELIZA 5
Early computer program that mimicked natural languageELIZA 5
She wants to "talk a lye-dy"ELIZA 5
Famous frozen-river crosserELIZA 5
Shavian professor's pupilELIZA 5
Henry's makeover subject in "My Fair Lady"ELIZA 5
Broadway flower sellerELIZA 5
Doolittle of fictionELIZA 5
Henry's "fair lady"ELIZA 5
Henry tutors herELIZA 5
Pupil of 'enry 'igginsELIZA 5
Stowe's ice crosserELIZA 5
Fictional flower girl DoolittleELIZA 5
Raggedy role for AudreyELIZA 5
Alfred's daughter in "My Fair Lady"ELIZA 5
Doolittle created by ShawELIZA 5
Doolittle played by Audrey HepburnELIZA 5
Character played by Audrey and JulieELIZA 5
DoolittleELIZA 5
Henry's pupilELIZA 5

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