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Answer EIDER – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ down (pillow filling)EIDER 5
A duckEIDER 5
*Quilt fillingEIDER 5
Spectacled ___: northern seabirdEIDER 5
Bird that gets you down?EIDER 5
Contributor to a comforterEIDER 5
Down for a pillow, sometimesEIDER 5
Duck feathers used in pillowsEIDER 5
Duck known to get you down?EIDER 5
Duck prized by pillowmakersEIDER 5
Duck prized for its downEIDER 5
Duck that'll get you down?EIDER 5
Duck valued for its downEIDER 5
Duck with the downside outsideEIDER 5
It's easy to get down from itEIDER 5
Sea duck with prized plumageEIDER 5
Source of some quilt stuffingEIDER 5
You can get down from oneEIDER 5
You might get down from itEIDER 5
Bedspread featherEIDER 5
Bird that gets down with 5 letters
Bird that gets downEIDER 5
Black and white duckEIDER 5
Comforter fillingEIDER 5
Comforter materialEIDER 5
Comforter stuffingEIDER 5
Cousin of a goldeneyeEIDER 5
Down at the pond?EIDER 5
Down by the pond?EIDER 5
Down for a pillowEIDER 5
Down for pillowsEIDER 5
Down from a duckEIDER 5
Down in the sea?EIDER 5
Down on the bed?EIDER 5
Down on the farm?EIDER 5
Down-yielding duckEIDER 5
Duck, or its downEIDER 5
Duck with soft downEIDER 5
Fine-feathered duckEIDER 5
Fine pillow stuffingEIDER 5
Get down from here?EIDER 5
Get down from there?EIDER 5
Get down from this!EIDER 5
It could get you down?EIDER 5
It may get you downEIDER 5
It might get you downEIDER 5
Light weight quiltsEIDER 5
One bearing down?EIDER 5
One place to get downEIDER 5
Pillow filler, perhapsEIDER 5
Place to get down?EIDER 5

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