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Answer EGRET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ monkey (East Indian macaque)EGRET 5
HeronEGRET 5
PlumeEGRET 5
''Snowy'' birdEGRET 5
"Snowy" or "cattle" birdEGRET 5
"Snowy" wading birdEGRET 5
"Great" heronEGRET 5
"Snowy" heronEGRET 5
"Snowy" waderEGRET 5
"Cattle" or "Reddish" waderEGRET 5
Wading bird whose name is an anagram of a word meaning "welcome"EGRET 5
Bird known for its valuable plumesEGRET 5
Creature with long, graceful plumesEGRET 5
Source of a feather in one's cap?EGRET 5
Bird famed for its plumageEGRET 5
Bird that grows nuptial plumageEGRET 5
Bird with a wide wingspanEGRET 5
Bird with beautiful plumesEGRET 5
Bird with long white plumesEGRET 5
Casmerodius albus, commonlyEGRET 5
Creature with graceful plumes with 5 letters
Creature with graceful plumesEGRET 5
Erstwhile source of plumesEGRET 5
It can be snowy or slatyEGRET 5
It could be great or snowyEGRET 5
Long-necked frog catcherEGRET 5
Once-popular feather sourceEGRET 5
Source of ornamental plumesEGRET 5
Symbiotic partner of a rhinoEGRET 5
White-plumed bird, oftenEGRET 5
White-plumed wading birdEGRET 5
Alligator's preyEGRET 5
Beautiful wading birdEGRET 5
Bird of a feather?EGRET 5
Bird of fine feathersEGRET 5
Bird with a long plumeEGRET 5
Bird with fine plumageEGRET 5
Bird with long plumesEGRET 5
Bird with prized plumesEGRET 5
Bird with white plumesEGRET 5
Bittern relativeEGRET 5
Bittern's cousinEGRET 5
Cattle or snowy ___EGRET 5
Certain wading birdEGRET 5
Common beach loitererEGRET 5
Cousin of a bitternEGRET 5
Cousin of a night heronEGRET 5
Everglades denizenEGRET 5
Everglades dwellerEGRET 5
Everglades residentEGRET 5
Everglades waderEGRET 5

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