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Answer EEE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

21 ___ (Shaquille O'Neal's shoe size)EEE 3
64-Across specEEE 3
"I'm so excited!" squealEEE 3
2007 Tao Lin novel "Eeeee ___ Eeee"EEE 3
Wider shoe than even this theme suggestsEEE 3
Incredibly wide shoe designationEEE 3
Indication of big shoes to fill?EEE 3
Shoe width for crossword puzzlers?EEE 3
Clown's foot spec, maybeEEE 3
Designation of some clodhoppersEEE 3
Extraordinary shoe widthEEE 3
Extra-wide, at the shoe storeEEE 3
Extra-wide, on a shoe boxEEE 3
Extra-wide, on a shoeboxEEE 3
Fat mule marking, perhapsEEE 3
It's widely worn on the feetEEE 3
Large shoe specificationEEE 3
Letters on a pump, maybeEEE 3
Letters on insides of shoesEEE 3
Letters on some shoeboxesEEE 3
Like a fat mule, perhaps? with 3 letters
Like a fat mule, perhaps?EEE 3
Like some very wide shoesEEE 3
Really big shoe designationEEE 3
Seldom-stocked shoe sizeEEE 3
Shaq's shoe width, presumablyEEE 3
Special request at a shoe storeEEE 3
Super-wide, on a shoeboxEEE 3
Trigram on some shoeboxesEEE 3
Wide shoe specification?EEE 3
It's considerably bigger than DEEE 3
Third shoe width beyond DEEE 3
A clown may wear itEEE 3
Ample shoe widthEEE 3
A really big shoe?EEE 3
Big foot designationEEE 3
Big foot indicatorEEE 3
Big foot lettersEEE 3
Bigfoot specification?EEE 3
Bigfoot's shoe size?EEE 3
Brannock device measureEEE 3
Broad brogan lettersEEE 3
Broad brogue lettersEEE 3
Broad foot lettersEEE 3
Broad letters on a boxEEE 3
Broad shoe widthEEE 3
Brogan classificationEEE 3
Evidence of big foot?EEE 3
Extra-ample shoe widthEEE 3
Extra-wide, on a boxEEE 3
Extra-wide shoe sizeEEE 3

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