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2001 winner of the Israel PrizeEBAN 4
2001 recipient of the Israel PrizeEBAN 4
1940s-'50s Israeli UN ambassadorEBAN 4
29-year Knesset memberEBAN 4
"History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives" speakerEBAN 4
"When all else fails, men turn to reason" speakerEBAN 4
'70s Israeli foreign ministerEBAN 4
"Diplomacy for the Next Century" authorEBAN 4
"Personal Witness" authorEBAN 4
"Voice of Israel" author, 1957EBAN 4
"Voice of Israel" authorEBAN 4
"Voice of Israel" writerEBAN 4
"Voice of Israel" author AbbaEBAN 4
"Promised Land" authorEBAN 4
"Personal Witness: Israel Through My Eyes" authorEBAN 4
"Invoice of Israel" authorEBAN 4
"The New Diplomacy" author, 1983EBAN 4
"The Tide of Nationalism" statesmanEBAN 4
2001 Israel Prize recipientEBAN 4
"My Country" authorEBAN 4
"My People" writer with 4 letters
"My People" writerEBAN 4
"My Country" author AbbaEBAN 4
'My People' author AbbaEBAN 4
'My People' writer AbbaEBAN 4
Israeli statesman with a palindromic first nameEBAN 4
Foreign statesman whose real first name is AubreyEBAN 4
Israel's foreign minister during the Six-Day WarEBAN 4
Israeli foreign minister during the Six-Day WarEBAN 4
Israeli foreign minister during the Yom Kippur WarEBAN 4
Abba not known for singingEBAN 4
Israeli statesman born in Cape Town, South AfricaEBAN 4
He spent 29 years in the KnessetEBAN 4
Israel's first ambassador to U.S.EBAN 4
Deputy prime minister under EshkolEBAN 4
Dayan contemporaryEBAN 4
Israeli diplomatEBAN 4
Israeli officialEBAN 4
Israeli politicianEBAN 4
Israeli statesmanEBAN 4
Meir contemporaryEBAN 4
Meir's foreign ministerEBAN 4
Mideast diplomatEBAN 4
Foreign minister under MeirEBAN 4
Author of 1998's "Diplomacy for the Next Century"EBAN 4
Israeli diplomat Abba ---EBAN 4
Diplomat born in Cape TownEBAN 4
Statesman during the Six-Day WarEBAN 4
Meir's successor as Israel's foreign affairs ministerEBAN 4
Israeli ambassador AbbaEBAN 4
Israeli politician AbbaEBAN 4

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