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Answer EAVE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

_____ spout (house part)EAVE 4
43-Down overhangEAVE 4
GutterEAVE 4
"It's on the house!"EAVE 4
Element of passive solar building designEAVE 4
Overhanging lower part of a roofEAVE 4
Place where leaves are collectedEAVE 4
Roof part that helps drain the rainEAVE 4
A downspout may begin under oneEAVE 4
A gutter is often under itEAVE 4
A house martin nests under itEAVE 4
Base for an icicle, perhapsEAVE 4
Builder's projected expense?EAVE 4
It hangs about the houseEAVE 4
It hangs around the houseEAVE 4
It hangs around the roofEAVE 4
It hangs out on the roofEAVE 4
Kin of the edge of a ledgeEAVE 4
Leaf collector around a houseEAVE 4
Nesting place for a birdEAVE 4
One hanging around the house? with 4 letters
One hanging around the house?EAVE 4
One that hangs out at home?EAVE 4
Outdoor holiday decoration siteEAVE 4
Overhanging edge of a roofEAVE 4
Place for a nest, perhapsEAVE 4
Possible roof repair siteEAVE 4
Projecting edge on a roofEAVE 4
Roofer's repair site, perhapsEAVE 4
Wasp's nest location, perhapsEAVE 4
Wasp's nest location, sometimesEAVE 4
Wasp's nest site, perhapsEAVE 4
Where an icicle may hangEAVE 4
Where icicles may collectEAVE 4
Wind chimes hanging spotEAVE 4
Window protector, at timesEAVE 4
You might find a nest in oneEAVE 4
Architectural overhangEAVE 4
Attic window viewEAVE 4
Certain sun shadeEAVE 4
Christmas light siteEAVE 4
Christmas lights siteEAVE 4
Gargoyle's hangoutEAVE 4
Guttering locationEAVE 4
Gutter's supportEAVE 4
Hanger around the houseEAVE 4
Hanging from a homeEAVE 4
Hangout for drips?EAVE 4
Hangover at home?EAVE 4
Hangover of a sortEAVE 4
Holder of a runoff?EAVE 4

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