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Answer EATIT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1984 hit parody of a 1983 hit songEATIT 5
" . . . and ye shall ___ in haste": Ex. 12:11EATIT 5
"...your cake and ___, too"EATIT 5
1984 hit with the lyric "Have a banana, have a whole bunch"EATIT 5
1984 hit with the lyric "Have some more yogurt, have some more Spam"EATIT 5
"... your cake and ___"EATIT 5
1984 "Weird Al" Yankovic hitEATIT 5
"You can't have your cake and ___"EATIT 5
"You can't have your cake if you ___"EATIT 5
"And thus shall ye ___ . . . ": Ex. 12:11EATIT 5
"Have your cake and ___ too"EATIT 5
"How ya like them apples?!"EATIT 5
"And thus shall ye ___": Exod.EATIT 5
"Eff you, man!"EATIT 5
"In your face!"EATIT 5
1984 Weird Al hitEATIT 5
"Weird Al" spoof of a Michael Jackson hitEATIT 5
"Weird Al" Yankovic's first top 40 hitEATIT 5
"Weird Al" Yankovic song about foodEATIT 5
"Weird Al" Yankovic parodyEATIT 5
"Weird Al" Yankovic's first hit with 5 letters
"Weird Al" Yankovic's first hitEATIT 5
"Weird Al" Yankovic songEATIT 5
"In. Your. Face!"EATIT 5
"In. Your. Face."EATIT 5
"In. Your. Face. Boyee!"EATIT 5
What the dog might do to your homework if you're not preparedEATIT 5
Yankovic video that ends with a freeze-framed spoof of "Thriller"EATIT 5
Enjoy something enormously, with "up"EATIT 5
Enjoy something immensely, with "up"EATIT 5
Really enjoy something, with "up"EATIT 5
Really love something, with "up"EATIT 5
Suffer a humiliating loss, in slangEATIT 5
Suffer an embarrassing defeat, slangilyEATIT 5
Suffer ignominious defeat, in slangEATIT 5
Totally enjoy something, with "up"EATIT 5
Absorb the cost, in slangEATIT 5
Absorb the hit, financiallyEATIT 5
Accept a bad defeat, in slangEATIT 5
Accept the loss, in slangEATIT 5
Grammy-winning parody of 1984EATIT 5
Lose ignominiously, in slangEATIT 5
Suffer humiliation, in slangEATIT 5
Wipe out, in surfing lingoEATIT 5
Yankovic's satirical songEATIT 5
Dinner table order from MomEATIT 5
Song parody with the lyric "You haven't even touched your tuna casserole"EATIT 5
Absorb a loss, slangilyEATIT 5
Fail ignominiouslyEATIT 5
Gloating commentEATIT 5
Have a blast, with "up"EATIT 5

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