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"(annoyed grunt)," to Dan CastellanetaDOH 3
"___-in' in the Wind" (episode of "The Simpsons")DOH 3
[wince]DOH 3
7 Homer's interjectionDOH 3
''Simpsons'' outburstDOH 3
''Simpsons'' shoutDOH 3
#6 on TV Land's 100 greatest television catchphrasesDOH 3
"I should have thought of that!"DOH 3
"Shoulda thought of that"DOH 3
*The fibre of the gomuti palmDOH 3
"Simpsons" word added to the OEDDOH 3
"Dumb, dumb, dumb!"DOH 3
"How dumb of me!"DOH 3
"How silly of me!"DOH 3
"How stupid of me!"DOH 3
"I am an idiot!"DOH 3
"I am such a dummy!"DOH 3
"I am such a moron!"DOH 3
"I am such an idiot!"DOH 3
"I left the iron on!"DOH 3
"I left the oven on!" with 3 letters
"I left the oven on!"DOH 3
"I'm so stupid!"DOH 3
"I'm such a fool!"DOH 3
"I'm such an idiot!"DOH 3
"Oops!" and then someDOH 3
"Simpsons" exclamationDOH 3
"I blew it," to HomerDOH 3
"Dumb, dumb, dumb!" to Homer SimpsonDOH 3
"I can't believe I just did that!"DOH 3
"I goofed again, Marge!"DOH 3
[Facepalm!]DOH 3
[Headdesk]DOH 3
'I'm an idiot!'DOH 3
"Silly me!"DOH 3
"Simpsons" cryDOH 3
"Stupid me!"DOH 3
"How could I be so stupid?"DOH 3
"What an idiot I am!"DOH 3
"What was I thinking?!"DOH 3
"What a moron I am!"DOH 3
"Boy, am I an idiot!"DOH 3
"Boy, am I dumb!"DOH 3
"Why did I do that?"DOH 3
"The Simpsons" exclamationDOH 3
"The Simpsons" outburstDOH 3
"The Simpsons" sayingDOH 3
"Am I an idiot!"DOH 3
"Am I an idiot!" to HomerDOH 3
2001 OED addition that cites an animated seriesDOH 3
2001 OED addition that cites "The Simpsons"DOH 3

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