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Answer DISRUPT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Ball upDISRUPT 7
Throw a monkey wrench into, e.g.DISRUPT 7
Throw a monkey wrench intoDISRUPT 7
Cause a disturbanceDISRUPT 7
Cause turmoil inDISRUPT 7
Throw into chaosDISRUPT 7
Throw into confusionDISRUPT 7
Throw into disorderDISRUPT 7
Throw into turmoilDISRUPT 7
Break apartDISRUPT 7
Break upDISRUPT 7
Cause confusionDISRUPT 7
Play havoc withDISRUPT 7
Shake upDISRUPT 7

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