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Answer DIME – Crossword Puzzle Solver

10-year prison sentence, in gang slangDIME 4
10-year prison sentence, in slangDIME 4
10-year sentence, in slangDIME 4
___-a-minute (call rate)DIME 4
"... spare a ___?"DIME 4
10-cent coinDIME 4
10 centsDIME 4
___ novelDIME 4
___ bagDIME 4
"Put another ___ in the jukebox, baby"DIME 4
"It's your ___"DIME 4
"Thin" coinDIME 4
"I'm rich! No, just kidding. It's only a ___."DIME 4
US coinDIME 4
Coin that ironically doesn't have the word "ten" on itDIME 4
Low price for a dozen, so it's saidDIME 4
More than a quarter of a quarterDIME 4
Roosevelt has been its head since 1946DIME 4
Ten-year prison sentence, in slangDIME 4
Word found beneath an oak branchDIME 4
Word with ''store'' or ''novel'' with 4 letters
Word with ''store'' or ''novel''DIME 4
Coin depicting an olive branchDIME 4
Coin for brother to spareDIME 4
Coin originally called dismeDIME 4
Coin smaller than a pennyDIME 4
Coin with a torch on the backDIME 4
Comic book buyer of old?DIME 4
Cost for a dozen, in a phraseDIME 4
Cost for a dozen, sometimesDIME 4
Cost of a minute call, maybeDIME 4
Cost of an old phone callDIME 4
Cost of a phone call, onceDIME 4
Impromptu flat screwdriverDIME 4
It once bought a cup of coffeeDIME 4
It's smaller than a pennyDIME 4
It was redesigned in 1945DIME 4
It was redesigned in 1946DIME 4
Phone call cost, in old filmsDIME 4
Telephone call cost, onceDIME 4
Two-fifths of one quarter?DIME 4
Cost of a phone call, in Bogart filmsDIME 4
A good tip, onceDIME 4
Assist, in hoopsDIME 4
Bit of pocket changeDIME 4
Bygone pay phone amountDIME 4
Bygone phone call costDIME 4
Coin with 118 ridgesDIME 4
Coin with a schoonerDIME 4
Coin with a torchDIME 4
Cost of a call, onceDIME 4

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