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Answer DELL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

29-Down competitorDELL 4
DingleDELL 4
HollowDELL 4
"Dude, you're gettin' a ___!" (old computer ad phrase)DELL 4
"Farmer in the ___" (children's song)DELL 4
"Mapback" publisher of the 1940s-'50sDELL 4
"Heigho! the derry oh" settingDELL 4
"Go on!"DELL 4
"I'm all ears!"DELL 4
____ ValleyDELL 4
"Moon Calf" novelistDELL 4
"Moon Calf" novelist FloydDELL 4
"The Farmer in the ___"DELL 4
"The Power to Do More" companyDELL 4
Texas computer giant started in a dorm roomDELL 4
Farmer's hangout, in a children's songDELL 4
Farmer's milieu, in a kid's songDELL 4
Farmer's place, in a children's dittyDELL 4
Name in book publishing since 1943DELL 4
Austin-based computer companyDELL 4
Farmer-friendly computer? with 4 letters
Farmer-friendly computer?DELL 4
Farmer's computer brand?DELL 4
Farmer's locale, in a songDELL 4
Farmer's locale, in songDELL 4
Farmer's location, in songDELL 4
Farmer's place, in a kid's songDELL 4
Farmer's place, in a songDELL 4
Farmer's place, in rhymeDELL 4
Farmer's spot in an old songDELL 4
Glen's computer company?DELL 4
Name in paperback publishingDELL 4
Texas-based computer giantDELL 4
Where to find a famous farmerDELL 4
Computer company founder MichaelDELL 4
Company originally named PC's LimitedDELL 4
Acer's competitionDELL 4
Big computer makerDELL 4
Big name in computersDELL 4
Big name in paperbacksDELL 4
Brand of computerDELL 4
Certain farmer's homeDELL 4
Compaq competitorDELL 4
Famous farm localeDELL 4
Farmer's hangoutDELL 4
Farmer's home, in songDELL 4
Farmer's locale?DELL 4
Farmer's milieu?DELL 4
Farmer's place, in songDELL 4
Farmer's place, perhapsDELL 4
Farmer's spot, in songDELL 4

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