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Answer DEFLATE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Get out of shape, in a wayDEFLATE 7
Lessen money in circulationDEFLATE 7
Do a balloon jobDEFLATE 7
Let some air out ofDEFLATE 7
Let the air out?DEFLATE 7
Let the air out ofDEFLATE 7
Opposite of blow upDEFLATE 7
Pop, as a balloonDEFLATE 7
Put a pin in a balloonDEFLATE 7
Take down a peg ___DEFLATE 7
Take the air outDEFLATE 7
Take the air out ofDEFLATE 7
Take the wind out ofDEFLATE 7
CollapseDEFLATE 7
Go flat?DEFLATE 7
Let air outDEFLATE 7
Let downDEFLATE 7
PunctureDEFLATE 7
Put (down)DEFLATE 7
Wind down?DEFLATE 7

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