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Answer DEERE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

19th-century blacksmith and inventorDEERE 5
43-Across makerDEERE 5
___ & Company (firm founded in 1837)DEERE 5
ProvenDEERE 5
"Nothing runs like a ___" (slogan for a farm equipment company)DEERE 5
"Nothing runs like a ___" (ad slogan)DEERE 5
"Nothing runs like a ___"DEERE 5
"It's ___ Season": agricultural supply sloganDEERE 5
"Grand Detour plow" inventorDEERE 5
Agriculture giant celebrating its 175th anniversary this yearDEERE 5
Company whose logo features a homonym of its own nameDEERE 5
Pioneer in the manufacture of steel plowsDEERE 5
American farm machinery industrialistDEERE 5
Big name in agricultural equipmentDEERE 5
Big name in balers and harvestersDEERE 5
Big name in nutrient applicatorsDEERE 5
Company with an antlered animal logoDEERE 5
Ford competitor, although not in autosDEERE 5
Inventor of a self-polishing steel plowDEERE 5
John with a green-and-yellow logoDEERE 5
Listen to beloved plow inventor (5) with 5 letters
Listen to beloved plow inventor (5)DEERE 5
Machine that "nothing runs like"DEERE 5
Manufacturer of the first steel plowDEERE 5
World's largest maker of farm equipmentDEERE 5
Maker of "the plow that broke the Plains"DEERE 5
Big maker of snowblowersDEERE 5
Big name in agribusinessDEERE 5
Big name in farm equipmentDEERE 5
Big name in farm implementsDEERE 5
Big name in farm machineryDEERE 5
Big name in lawn equipmentDEERE 5
Combine that makes combinesDEERE 5
Farm-machine manufacturerDEERE 5
Farm machinery manufacturerDEERE 5
Fortune 500 machinery giantDEERE 5
Groundbreaking manufacturer?DEERE 5
Handle on farm equipment?DEERE 5
Illinois-based equipment giantDEERE 5
Inventor famed for plowsDEERE 5
Inventor of farm machinesDEERE 5
Inventor of the steel plowDEERE 5
John of farm-equipment fameDEERE 5
John ___ (tractor maker)DEERE 5
Last name in farm equipmentDEERE 5
Last name in farm manufacturingDEERE 5
Last name in riding lawnmowersDEERE 5
Major tractor manufacturerDEERE 5
Maker of early steel plowsDEERE 5
Name on a green-and-yellow logoDEERE 5
Name on many a gimme capDEERE 5

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