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Answer CROPDUSTER – Crossword Puzzle Solver

High-volume pesticide delivererCROPDUSTER 10
Low-altitude delivery agentCROPDUSTER 10
Special plane for farm useCROPDUSTER 10
Agricultural flierCROPDUSTER 10
Harvest spiffer-upper?CROPDUSTER 10
It carries pesticidesCROPDUSTER 10
Pilot hired by a farmerCROPDUSTER 10
Plane that spraysCROPDUSTER 10
Sprayer over a fieldCROPDUSTER 10
Plane featured in "North by Northwest"CROPDUSTER 10
Certain planeCROPDUSTER 10
Rural flierCROPDUSTER 10
Rural flyerCROPDUSTER 10
CD high over a field?CROPDUSTER 10

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