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1040 experts, for shortCPAS 4
1040 fillers and filersCPAS 4
1040 expertsCPAS 4
1040 filersCPAS 4
Accts.CPAS 4
Acct.'sCPAS 4
Ones who might correct schedule conflicts, for shortCPAS 4
They face liabilities in their work, in briefCPAS 4
April number crunchers, for shortCPAS 4
Ones filling out 1040's, for shortCPAS 4
Ones working on columns, for shortCPAS 4
Professional bean counters, brieflyCPAS 4
Pros who work on schedules, for shortCPAS 4
They get busier in the winter: abbr.CPAS 4
They keep a close eye on figuresCPAS 4
Annual rept. opinion writersCPAS 4
April is their cruelest mo.CPAS 4
Apr. is their busy monthCPAS 4
Apr. midnight-oil burnersCPAS 4
Balancing experts, briefly?CPAS 4
Bean counters, for short with 4 letters
Bean counters, for shortCPAS 4
Book auditors, for shortCPAS 4
Book reviewers, of sortsCPAS 4
Calculating bunch, brieflyCPAS 4
Capital examiners, brieflyCPAS 4
Checkers of entries, for shortCPAS 4
Dealers in books and recordsCPAS 4
Excellent summers, for short?CPAS 4
Financial data experts (abbr.)CPAS 4
Folks with return engagements?CPAS 4
Independent auditors (abbr.)CPAS 4
Inspectors of fin. booksCPAS 4
Ledger scanners, for shortCPAS 4
Number crunchers, brieflyCPAS 4
Number crunchers, for shortCPAS 4
Ones doing a balancing job?CPAS 4
People doing book reviews?CPAS 4
People with books, for shortCPAS 4
Professional bean countersCPAS 4
Schedule experts, for shortCPAS 4
Some tax advisers, for shortCPAS 4
Some tax advisors (abbr.)CPAS 4
Tax preparers, for shortCPAS 4
Their days are numbered?CPAS 4
They handle many returnsCPAS 4
They may work on columnsCPAS 4
They often fill out schedulesCPAS 4
They're busy near tax timeCPAS 4
They work with many schedulesCPAS 4
What some business attys. areCPAS 4

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