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Answer COAST – Crossword Puzzle Solver

land bordering the seaCOAST 5
GlideCOAST 5
______ GuardCOAST 5
StrandCOAST 5
"Take it easy!"COAST 5
SeasideCOAST 5
"Our Deal" band Best ___COAST 5
Source of late election returns, with "the"COAST 5
Continue downhill without pedalingCOAST 5
Continue to move after loss of powerCOAST 5
Move as a result of acquired momentumCOAST 5
Where a hurricane makes landfallCOAST 5
Where an ocean and a continent meetCOAST 5
Depend on gravity, in a wayCOAST 5
Get ahead without tryingCOAST 5
Go downhill without brakesCOAST 5
It's clear when danger subsidesCOAST 5
Practice energy conservationCOAST 5
Proceed with little effortCOAST 5
Put forth minimal effortCOAST 5
Put forth the minimum effort with 5 letters
Put forth the minimum effortCOAST 5
Roll along without powerCOAST 5
Stretch beside the waterCOAST 5
Vacation locale, with "the"COAST 5
Bike without pedalingCOAST 5
Breeze (through)COAST 5
Continue effortlesslyCOAST 5
Do the minimum at workCOAST 5
Exert minimal effortCOAST 5
Glide effortlesslyCOAST 5
Glide via gravityCOAST 5
Go downhill fast?COAST 5
Go downhill, maybeCOAST 5
Guard or artilleryCOAST 5
Hurricane danger zoneCOAST 5
It's a shore thingCOAST 5
Keep going effortlesslyCOAST 5
Land along the oceanCOAST 5
Land that's not inlandCOAST 5
Move effortlesslyCOAST 5
Move on momentumCOAST 5
Move powerlesslyCOAST 5
Move via gravityCOAST 5
Not try very hardCOAST 5
Not work very hardCOAST 5
Oregon highlightCOAST 5
Proceed effortlesslyCOAST 5
Proceed without powerCOAST 5
Put in minimal effortCOAST 5
Resort site, oftenCOAST 5

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