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Answer CANOE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___ row a boat?" (old pun)CANOE 5
CraftCANOE 5
KayakCANOE 5
DugoutCANOE 5
"And the new moon for a ___"CANOE 5
"Paddle your own ___"CANOE 5
"Tippy" boatCANOE 5
"Big ___" (Tim Finn)CANOE 5
BuckeyeCANOE 5
PirogueCANOE 5
TotaledCANOE 5
It's often turned upside down when not in useCANOE 5
Might row out in one, for riverside showCANOE 5
Mode of travel pointed in two directionsCANOE 5
To be effective, it needs a good paddlingCANOE 5
Carrier more likely to be tippedCANOE 5
It behaves best with a good paddlingCANOE 5
It gets going with a good paddlingCANOE 5
It might be hooked to an outriggerCANOE 5
Craft tapered on both endsCANOE 5
Hiawatha's transportation with 5 letters
Hiawatha's transportationCANOE 5
Item often stored upside-downCANOE 5
It may be paddled in the rearCANOE 5
It may be seen by a bankCANOE 5
It needs a good paddlingCANOE 5
It's often stored upside-downCANOE 5
It's paddled in the rearCANOE 5
It's propelled by a paddleCANOE 5
It's tapered at both endsCANOE 5
Jewel's first tour vehicle?CANOE 5
Olympics vehicle since 1936CANOE 5
Polynesian's mode of travelCANOE 5
Transport for the brave?CANOE 5
Transport on a camp lakeCANOE 5
Trudeau's favourite conveyanceCANOE 5
Vehicle for the outdoorsyCANOE 5
Vessel tapered at both endsCANOE 5
Where rocking is not suggestedCANOE 5
Where standing is ill-advisedCANOE 5
Another boathouse itemCANOE 5
Bark or aluminum craftCANOE 5
Birchbark boat, perhapsCANOE 5
Birch bark craftCANOE 5
Birchbark or dugoutCANOE 5
Birchbark transportCANOE 5
Birch bark vesselCANOE 5
Birchbark vesselCANOE 5
Boat that rocks easilyCANOE 5
Boat that's paddledCANOE 5
Boat with a thwartCANOE 5

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