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Answer YARN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

gossipYARN 4
StoryYARN 4
ThreadYARN 4
"The one that got away" retellingYARN 4
"The one that got away," e.g.YARN 4
"The one that got away," sayYARN 4
"It's a long story"YARN 4
"The one that got away"YARN 4
"Tall" storyYARN 4
Material with which kittens have a ball?YARN 4
The telling of the fish that got away, e.g.YARN 4
A knitter might have a ball with itYARN 4
Fisherman's "the one that got away"YARN 4
Story that can't completely be believedYARN 4
What a knitter might have a ball with?YARN 4
Amusing thing to give a kittenYARN 4
A storyteller may spin oneYARN 4
It often comes in a ballYARN 4
Material inside a baseballYARN 4
Play material for a kittenYARN 4
Spinning class material? with 4 letters
Spinning class material?YARN 4
Used by wardrobe, perhapsYARN 4
Adventurers' taleYARN 4
Afghan constitution?YARN 4
Ball in a basketYARN 4
Ball in a basket, maybeYARN 4
Ball in a sewing roomYARN 4
Ball material for a catYARN 4
Caddis or crewelYARN 4
Campfire whopperYARN 4
Cat-occupying ballYARN 4
Cat's ball, sometimesYARN 4
Cat toy at timesYARN 4
Craft store bundleYARN 4
Crocheter's purchaseYARN 4
Embellished storyYARN 4
Entertaining taleYARN 4
Exaggerated storyYARN 4
Exaggerated taleYARN 4
Fisherman's relation?YARN 4
Fisherman's taleYARN 4
Grandfather's relation?YARN 4
Incredible storyYARN 4
Incredulity triggerYARN 4
It can be spun two waysYARN 4
It comes in ballsYARN 4
It's hard to believeYARN 4
It's sold in skeinsYARN 4
Kitten's playthingYARN 4
Knitter's materialYARN 4

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