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Answer WEAN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

BairnWEAN 4
DepriveWEAN 4
Gradually remove, as a foal from its mother's milkWEAN 4
Detach from a source of dependenceWEAN 4
Get the pups on solid food, e.g.WEAN 4
Gradually make independent (from)WEAN 4
Move slowly away from the breastsWEAN 4
Remove gradually from, with "off"WEAN 4
Switch from a bottle to a cup, sayWEAN 4
Teach not to rely on, with "from"WEAN 4
Accustom to solid food, e.g.WEAN 4
Break off from a mother's milkWEAN 4
Break off from mother's milkWEAN 4
Cause to withdraw graduallyWEAN 4
Detach from a dependencyWEAN 4
Disaccustom (with ''from'')WEAN 4
Get the pups on solid foodWEAN 4
Go from the bottle to the jarWEAN 4
Gradually break from a habitWEAN 4
Gradually withdraw (from)WEAN 4
Introduce to solid foods with 4 letters
Introduce to solid foodsWEAN 4
Reconcile to a severanceWEAN 4
Remove from a mother's milkWEAN 4
Start giving formula to, e.g.WEAN 4
Stop supplying with milkWEAN 4
Take a baby off the bottleWEAN 4
Withdraw, as from a habitWEAN 4
Withdraw from dependencyWEAN 4
Accustom to solid foodWEAN 4
Break a habit, maybeWEAN 4
Break from a habitWEAN 4
Break of a habitWEAN 4
Cause to withdrawWEAN 4
Cut off graduallyWEAN 4
Detach, as from a habitWEAN 4
Detach from dependenceWEAN 4
Detach from the bottleWEAN 4
Detach graduallyWEAN 4
Detach, in a wayWEAN 4
Disaccustom by degreesWEAN 4
Estrange, in a wayWEAN 4
Free from a habitWEAN 4
Free from dependence onWEAN 4
Free from dependencyWEAN 4
Get off the bottle?WEAN 4
Get used to solid foodWEAN 4
Give up by degreesWEAN 4
Gradually depriveWEAN 4
Gradually removeWEAN 4
Gradually withdrawWEAN 4

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