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Answer VACANT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Word on an airplane bathroom doorVACANT 6
For immediate lease, sayVACANT 6
Like a lot without a lotVACANT 6
Available for rentVACANT 6
Available to rentVACANT 6
Devoid of thoughtVACANT 6
Lacking occupantsVACANT 6
Like rooms to rentVACANT 6
Like some city lotsVACANT 6
Ready for occupationVACANT 6
Without an occupantVACANT 6
Empty ____VACANT 6
Empty, as a lotVACANT 6
ExpressionlessVACANT 6
Kind of stareVACANT 6
Like sandlotsVACANT 6
Not occupiedVACANT 6
UndevelopedVACANT 6
Unoccupied?VACANT 6
With 125-Down, empty unit of landVACANT 6

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