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"We deliver for you" sloganeer: Abbr.USPS 4
"Snail mail" org.USPS 4
"Fly Like an Eagle" org.USPS 4
Org. suggested by the starts of 17-, 31-, 41- and 62-AcrossUSPS 4
Org. whose workers are left carrying the bagUSPS 4
Org. whose workers may be left carrying the bagUSPS 4
Offerer of package deals, in briefUSPS 4
Agcy. with an eagle in its logoUSPS 4
Agcy. with an eagle logoUSPS 4
Co. interested in zip codesUSPS 4
Door-to-door service (abbr.)USPS 4
Gp. putting letters in boxesUSPS 4
Grp. putting letters in boxesUSPS 4
It puts letters in boxesUSPS 4
Org. that delivers the goodsUSPS 4
Postmaster general's org.USPS 4
They make deliveries, brieflyUSPS 4
Its symbol is an eagle (Abbr.)USPS 4
Org. that promotes the use of QR codes on mailUSPS 4
American mail org.USPS 4
Daily delivery org. with 4 letters
Daily delivery org.USPS 4
Deliverer of many pkgs.USPS 4
Delivery lettersUSPS 4
Fed. mail agencyUSPS 4
First-class org.?USPS 4
Gp. delivering lettersUSPS 4
Inits. on a mail truckUSPS 4
Letter carriers' gp.USPS 4
Letter carriers' grp.USPS 4
Letter carrier's org.USPS 4
Letter carriers' org.USPS 4
Letter delivery grp.USPS 4
Letters for letters?USPS 4
Letters on lettersUSPS 4
Mail carrier's grp.USPS 4
Mail carriers' org.USPS 4
Mail delivery org.USPS 4
Mail-truck abbr.USPS 4
One way to send pkgs.USPS 4
Org. that deliversUSPS 4
Org. with carriersUSPS 4
Org. with stampsUSPS 4
Package delivery org.USPS 4
Pkg. delivery co.USPS 4
Priority mail grp.USPS 4
Snail-mail systemUSPS 4
Stamp issuing org.USPS 4
Stamp-making org.USPS 4
Stamp-selling org.USPS 4
Snail-mail system (Abbr.)USPS 4

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