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Answer USAF – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Wild blue yonder" gp.USAF 4
"Wild blue yonder" org.USAF 4
"Wild Blue Yonder" mil. groupUSAF 4
Separate mil. service since 1947USAF 4
Branch of the military (abbr.)USAF 4
Insignia on some fightersUSAF 4
Sky-high branch, for shortUSAF 4
Org. that uses the slogan "Cross Into the Blue"USAF 4
American military branch: Abbr.USAF 4
Org. with an academy near Colo. SpringsUSAF 4
Org. with the ad slogan "It's not science fiction. It's what we do every day"USAF 4
Org. with an acad. near Colo. Spr.USAF 4
Airman's initialsUSAF 4
Amer. flying groupUSAF 4
American mil. fliersUSAF 4
Amer. military fliersUSAF 4
Branch of the mil.USAF 4
Colorado academy grp.USAF 4
Defender of skiesUSAF 4
Defense gp. with pilotsUSAF 4
Fliers' mil. branch with 4 letters
Fliers' mil. branchUSAF 4
Flight suit stitchingUSAF 4
Flyboys, for shortUSAF 4
Flying milit. branchUSAF 4
High branch, for shortUSAF 4
High-flying mil. groupUSAF 4
High-flying org.?USAF 4
Initials on a warplaneUSAF 4
Initials on some jetsUSAF 4
Inits. for some pilotsUSAF 4
Letters on a jetUSAF 4
Letters on fighter jetsUSAF 4
Letters on some jetsUSAF 4
Letters on some planesUSAF 4
Mil. branch since 1947USAF 4
Military lettersUSAF 4
Mil. org. since 1947USAF 4
Nat. military serviceUSAF 4
Service branch, brieflyUSAF 4
Stealth bomber org.USAF 4
Tech. sgt.'s employerUSAF 4
Thunderbird grp.USAF 4
Thunderbirds' gp.USAF 4
Thunderbirds' grp.USAF 4
Thunderbirds' org.USAF 4
Wild blue yonder grp.USAF 4
Airmen's group: Abbr.USAF 4
Branch of the service (Abbr.)USAF 4
Its academy is in Colo.USAF 4
Service branch: Abbr.USAF 4

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