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Answer UMPS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Fair or foul" replay reviewersUMPS 4
"No catch" signalersUMPS 4
"Safe!" crackers?UMPS 4
"Steee-rike!" callersUMPS 4
"Ball!" callersUMPS 4
Calls balls and strikes, brieflyUMPS 4
Ones making some safe decisions?UMPS 4
Stereotypically "blind" officialsUMPS 4
They check whether people are safeUMPS 4
They often make their calls from homeUMPS 4
They're usually assigned to basesUMPS 4
Ballpark arbiters, brieflyUMPS 4
Balls-and-strikes callersUMPS 4
Baseball officials, for shortUMPS 4
Callers of strikes and ballsUMPS 4
Call makers at the plateUMPS 4
Decision makers, for shortUMPS 4
Diamond figures, brieflyUMPS 4
Diamond quartet, brieflyUMPS 4
Officials behind battersUMPS 4
Ones who might cry foul? with 4 letters
Ones who might cry foul?UMPS 4
Pits turn into little arbitersUMPS 4
Plate cleaners, at timesUMPS 4
Quartet on a baseball fieldUMPS 4
Softball officials, brieflyUMPS 4
They closely monitor slidesUMPS 4
They cover all the basesUMPS 4
They know when you're outUMPS 4
They make a lot of callsUMPS 4
They make decisions on diamondsUMPS 4
They make judgment callsUMPS 4
They're paid to view slidesUMPS 4
They sometimes bounce mgrs.UMPS 4
They stand behind catchersUMPS 4
You might be safe with themUMPS 4
Arbiters, for shortUMPS 4
Ballfield arbitersUMPS 4
Ballpark arbitersUMPS 4
Ballpark figures?UMPS 4
Ballpark workersUMPS 4
Baseball arbitersUMPS 4
Baseball figuresUMPS 4
Baseball officialsUMPS 4
Base characters?UMPS 4
Blue-clad judgesUMPS 4
Boo targets, oftenUMPS 4
Boo targets, sometimesUMPS 4
Calls a strike, sayUMPS 4
Calls balls and strikesUMPS 4
Diamond appraisersUMPS 4

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