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"Kill the ___!" (ball park cry)UMP 3
"Infield fly" callerUMP 3
"Play ball!" crierUMP 3
"Steee-rike!" callerUMP 3
'Yer out!' shouterUMP 3
"Ballpark" fig.UMP 3
"Foul!" callerUMP 3
"Out" crierUMP 3
"Out!" shouterUMP 3
"Play" callerUMP 3
"Safe" cracker?UMP 3
ArbiterUMP 3
RefereeUMP 3
RefUMP 3
The only person with the authority to call a strike, for shortUMP 3
One who might get yelled at by the managerUMP 3
Whisk broom-wielding official, for shortUMP 3
Caller of strikes and balls, for shortUMP 3
Official with a whisk broom, for shortUMP 3
One behind home plate, informallyUMP 3
One who may rule on a replay challenge with 3 letters
One who may rule on a replay challengeUMP 3
One whose chest is protected, brieflyUMP 3
One who sometimes works at home?UMP 3
One who wears a mask every fourth gameUMP 3
Stereotypically blind judge, of a kindUMP 3
Authority at home, brieflyUMP 3
Authority on diamonds, brieflyUMP 3
Balls-and-strikes callerUMP 3
Baseball arbiter, for shortUMP 3
Baseball official, for shortUMP 3
Blind official, in stereotypesUMP 3
Caller of balls and strikesUMP 3
Diamond arbiter, for shortUMP 3
Diamond authority, brieflyUMP 3
Diamond figure, for shortUMP 3
Duster at home, sometimesUMP 3
Guy crouching at the parkUMP 3
He can make you safe at homeUMP 3
He's sure to clean his plateUMP 3
He's there when you run homeUMP 3
His chest is protected at homeUMP 3
Masked official, for shortUMP 3
Object of invective, oftenUMP 3
Official behind a catcherUMP 3
Official often seen crouchingUMP 3
One calling strikes and ballsUMP 3
One making safe decisionsUMP 3
One wearing black at homeUMP 3
One who decides what's fair?UMP 3
One who may be found at homeUMP 3

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