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Answer UGLI – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ fruit (large tangelo)UGLI 4
___ fruit (Jamaican product)UGLI 4
"The exotic tangelo from Jamaica" trademarkUGLI 4
"Unattractive" citrusUGLI 4
"Unattractive" Jamaican fruitUGLI 4
TangeloUGLI 4
"The Exotic Tangelo from Jamaica"UGLI 4
Fruit that's a letter off from its appearanceUGLI 4
Not so great-sounding name for a tangeloUGLI 4
Orange, tangerine, and grapefruit hybridUGLI 4
Wrinkly tangelo with an unattractive nameUGLI 4
Appropriately named citrus fruitUGLI 4
Citrus fruit similar to a grapefruitUGLI 4
Citrus fruit some consider strangeUGLI 4
Fruit that tastes better than it looksUGLI 4
Good fruit with an unattractive name?UGLI 4
Large fruit that's sorta like its nameUGLI 4
Tangerine/grapefruit/orange hybridUGLI 4
Unattractive fruit that sounds that wayUGLI 4
Appropriately named fruitUGLI 4
Aptly named citrus fruit with 4 letters
Aptly named citrus fruitUGLI 4
Aptly named tropical fruitUGLI 4
Fruit named for its appearanceUGLI 4
Fruit that doesn't sound prettyUGLI 4
Fruit that isn't pretti?UGLI 4
Fruit that sounds unattractiveUGLI 4
Fruit with a wrinkled rindUGLI 4
Fruit with a wrinkly rindUGLI 4
Fruit with wrinkled skinUGLI 4
Good fruit with a bad name?UGLI 4
Grapefruit and tangerine hybridUGLI 4
Grapefruit-tangerine comboUGLI 4
Grapefruit-tangerine hybridUGLI 4
Homely-looking hybrid fruitUGLI 4
It's wrinkled and edibleUGLI 4
Large, sweet, juicy fruitUGLI 4
Not a pretty sounding fruitUGLI 4
Relative of a grapefruitUGLI 4
Tangelo's trademarked cousinUGLI 4
Tangerine and grapefruit hybridUGLI 4
Tangerine / grapefruit hybridUGLI 4
Terrible-looking tangeloUGLI 4
Unattractive tropical fruitUGLI 4
Unfortunately named fruitUGLI 4
Wrinkly produce section itemUGLI 4
Wrinkly tangelo with a bad nameUGLI 4
Wrinkly, yellowish fruitUGLI 4
Hybrid citrus that's hidden in Marconi's first name (and you thought we'd run out of ways to clue this)UGLI 4
Aptly named fruitUGLI 4
Aptly named hybridUGLI 4

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