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Answer TSE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

______tseTSE 3
___-tung, now ZedongTSE 3
''Cats'' lyricist's monogramTSE 3
''Prufrock'' monogramTSE 3
''Ash Wednesday'' monogramTSE 3
"Cats" inspiration's monogramTSE 3
"Cats" inspirer's monogramTSE 3
"Gerontion" poet's monogramTSE 3
"Prufrock" poet's monogramTSE 3
"Cats" poet's monogramTSE 3
24th Russian letterTSE 3
"Cats" initialsTSE 3
"Cats" monogramTSE 3
"Murder in the Cathedral" monogramTSE 3
"Four Quartets" poet's monogramTSE 3
"Four Quartets" auth.TSE 3
"The Wasteland" author's monogramTSE 3
"Ash Wednesday" poet's monogramTSE 3
"The Wasteland" auth.TSE 3
"The Waste Land" author's monogramTSE 3
"The Waste Land" poet's initials with 3 letters
"The Waste Land" poet's initialsTSE 3
"The Waste Land" poet's monogramTSE 3
"The Waste Land" monogramTSE 3
"The Waste Land" poet's inits.TSE 3
"The Waste Land"TSE 3
"The Waste Land" inits.TSE 3
"The Sacred Wood" author's monogramTSE 3
"The Hollow Men" monogramTSE 3
Literary monogram found in the answers to the nine asterisked cluesTSE 3
Canadian financial market inits.TSE 3
Cyrillic letter between kha and cheTSE 3
Fashion brand known for its cashmereTSE 3
Japanese financial market inits.TSE 3
Jennyanydots's creator, initiallyTSE 3
Monogram of an e.e.c. contemporaryTSE 3
Overseas financial market inits.TSE 3
Cyrillic alphabet letterTSE 3
Deadly fly, when doubledTSE 3
Doubled, a tropical menaceTSE 3
Doubled, it's a deadly pestTSE 3
Double this for an insectTSE 3
Ending for a record-breakerTSE 3
Expatriate poet's initialsTSE 3
Fashionable cashmere companyTSE 3
Ferocious fly when doubledTSE 3
Fly with 50 percent off?TSE 3
Grizabella creator's monogramTSE 3
Initials of a famous poetTSE 3
Macavity creator's monogramTSE 3
Macavity's creator, initiallyTSE 3

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