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Answer TSA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Your safety is our priority" org.TSA 3
Whom the agents work for (and a chunk of each theme answer)TSA 3
Gp. authorized to look through people's clothingTSA 3
They'll feel you up before making a connection: Abbr.TSA 3
Gp. that threw away my fiancée's shampooTSA 3
Org. responsible for luggage inspectionsTSA 3
Agcy. with a list of prohibited itemsTSA 3
Gp. jet-setters stand in line to see?TSA 3
Gp. that regulates carry-on luggageTSA 3
Grp. known to frisk grandmothersTSA 3
Grp. with rules about carrying on?TSA 3
Inits. on many uniforms since 2002TSA 3
Letters seen in airports these daysTSA 3
Org. conducting airport searchesTSA 3
Org. that conducts frisk-y businessTSA 3
Org. that enforces liquid regulationsTSA 3
Org. that makes you take off your shoesTSA 3
Org. that restricts liquids on flightsTSA 3
Org. with a prohibited-items listTSA 3
Waterbottle confiscators, brieflyTSA 3
It goes through lots of luggage: Abbr. with 3 letters
It goes through lots of luggage: Abbr.TSA 3
Org. that gets away with saying, "Hands up"TSA 3
Air passenger protection org.TSA 3
Airport screeners' agcy.TSA 3
Airport screeners' employerTSA 3
Airport uniform initialsTSA 3
Air travel protection gp.TSA 3
Body-inspecting govt. gp.TSA 3
Carry-on checkers (abbr.)TSA 3
Carry-on inspector, in briefTSA 3
Federal air marshals' org.TSA 3
Grp. with a lot of baggageTSA 3
Kind of screening, for shortTSA 3
Letters seen in airportsTSA 3
Luggage-inspecting agcy.TSA 3
Org. into frisky business?TSA 3
Org. with a lot of baggageTSA 3
Org. with a no-shoes policy?TSA 3
Org. with bag inspectorsTSA 3
Suitcase-searching airport gp.TSA 3
They must not be lax at LAXTSA 3
Air marshal's org.TSA 3
Airport safety agcy.TSA 3
Airport safety gp.TSA 3
Airport safety org.TSA 3
Airport screener's org.TSA 3
Airport screeners' org.TSA 3
Airport screening agcy.TSA 3
Airport screening gp.TSA 3
Airport screening org.TSA 3

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