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Answer TROLL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___ the ancient Yuletide carol ..."TROLL 5
GnomeTROLL 5
''The Lord of the Rings'' beastTROLL 5
*Fairy tale meanieTROLL 5
"Lord of the Rings" beastTROLL 5
"Three Billy Goats Gruff" fiendTROLL 5
"Peer Gynt" characterTROLL 5
"The Three Billy Goats Gruff' meanieTROLL 5
Deliberately inflammatory poster on message boardsTROLL 5
Dweller under a bridge, in fairy talesTROLL 5
Faddish long-haired collectible dollTROLL 5
Scandinavian under-bridge dwellerTROLL 5
Under-the-bridge folklore villainTROLL 5
Bridge guard of folkloreTROLL 5
Cave dweller of folkloreTROLL 5
Comments section annoyanceTROLL 5
Doll with spiky bright hairTROLL 5
Draw a line in the waterTROLL 5
Fad doll with spiky hairTROLL 5
Fish from a moving vesselTROLL 5
Folkloric giant or dwarf with 5 letters
Folkloric giant or dwarfTROLL 5
Giant or dwarf of folkloreTROLL 5
Internet forum annoyanceTROLL 5
Internet forum rabble-rouserTROLL 5
Internet forum troublemakerTROLL 5
Many a fairy tale baddieTROLL 5
Memorable bridge-guarderTROLL 5
Scandinavian folklore figureTROLL 5
Scandinavian giant or dwarfTROLL 5
Sing in a full, happy voiceTROLL 5
Sing loudly without inhibitionTROLL 5
Sing the parts of in successionTROLL 5
Storybook bridge guardianTROLL 5
Supernatural being, in folkloreTROLL 5
Underground folklore creatureTROLL 5
Waiter under the bridge?TROLL 5
Wanted poster's antithesis?TROLL 5
Menacing cave dweller of Norse mythologyTROLL 5
Baddie under a bridgeTROLL 5
Banshee's cousinTROLL 5
Being under a bridgeTROLL 5
Billy goat's nemesisTROLL 5
Bridge enthusiast?TROLL 5
Bridge protectorTROLL 5
Cave dwarf of folkloreTROLL 5
Creature under a bridgeTROLL 5
Do fishing on the goTROLL 5
Dwarf of folkloreTROLL 5
Fad doll of the '90sTROLL 5
Fairy-tale characterTROLL 5

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