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Answer TREES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1913 poem, set to music in 1922TREES 5
hardwoodTREES 5
40- and 51-Across, e.g.TREES 5
AshesTREES 5
PinesTREES 5
PlanesTREES 5
"Poems are made by fools like me" sourceTREES 5
"A nest of robins in her hair" poemTREES 5
"A nest of robins in her hair" sourceTREES 5
"Poems are made by fools like me" poemTREES 5
"I think I shall never see..." poemTREES 5
"Animal" Neon ___TREES 5
"Nearly Lost You" band Screaming ___TREES 5
ElflockTREES 5
"We Can Try" Between the ___TREES 5
There are six hidden in this puzzle in appropriate placesTREES 5
Different ones are hidden in 12 starred answersTREES 5
What are hidden in the four long answersTREES 5
Lovehammers song that grew roots?TREES 5
Kilmer poem that appeared in the August 1913 issue of "Poetry"TREES 5
Apple and orange, for two with 5 letters
Apple and orange, for twoTREES 5
Apples and oranges, maybeTREES 5
Bearers of nuts and fruitsTREES 5
Forest concealers in a sawTREES 5
On which dinero doesn't growTREES 5
Popular spot for kids' housesTREES 5
Proverbial non-monetary sourceTREES 5
Rush song that grew roots?TREES 5
Shape keepers in a closetTREES 5
Some probability diagramsTREES 5
Something for x and y axesTREES 5
They have certain rings to themTREES 5
They're found in nurseriesTREES 5
They're scarce on llanosTREES 5
Classic poem that begins "I think that I shall never see"TREES 5
Alders and eldersTREES 5
Almonds and pistachiosTREES 5
Ancestral diagramsTREES 5
Apple and cherry, e.g.TREES 5
Apple and orangeTREES 5
Apple and orange, e.g.TREES 5
Apples and orangesTREES 5
Arbor componentsTREES 5
Arboretum sightsTREES 5
Arboretum specimensTREES 5
Arborist's concernTREES 5
Balsa and balsamTREES 5
Balsam and baobabTREES 5
Balsams and balsasTREES 5
Balsas and balsamsTREES 5

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