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Answer TOUR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ de forceTOUR 4
___ of dutyTOUR 4
____ de FranceTOUR 4
''Magical Mystery ___'' (Beatles album)TOUR 4
JunketTOUR 4
TravelTOUR 4
"Guided" vacationTOUR 4
"Hit the road!"TOUR 4
"Magical Mystery ___" (1968 Beatles album)TOUR 4
"Magical Mystery ___"TOUR 4
"Magical Mystery ___" (Beatles)TOUR 4
CircuitTOUR 4
JourneyTOUR 4
What some bands and just-published authors doTOUR 4
Big announcement from a music groupTOUR 4
It may be taken around the worldTOUR 4
Take to the road, as a rock bandTOUR 4
A musical might be on oneTOUR 4
Get the show on the road?TOUR 4
Many a rock star is on itTOUR 4
Museum docent's offering with 4 letters
Museum docent's offeringTOUR 4
One way to promote a bookTOUR 4
Organized string of gigsTOUR 4
Part of a travel packageTOUR 4
Promote an album, possiblyTOUR 4
Rush around the country, say?TOUR 4
Soldier's period of deploymentTOUR 4
Soldier's period of serviceTOUR 4
Take one's show on the roadTOUR 4
Take the act on the roadTOUR 4
Take the show on the roadTOUR 4
Travel from place to placeTOUR 4
Traveling troupe's scheduleTOUR 4
Travel, perhaps with a guideTOUR 4
Travel through various landsTOUR 4
Walk, as through a factoryTOUR 4
What a band may have plannedTOUR 4
What a cicerone conductsTOUR 4
Something to get at the White HouseTOUR 4
A band may be on oneTOUR 4
Band's itineraryTOUR 4
Big concert newsTOUR 4
Check out the factoryTOUR 4
Concert itineraryTOUR 4
Concertize on the roadTOUR 4
Docent's offeringTOUR 4
Duty for a docentTOUR 4
Entertainer's itineraryTOUR 4
Gigs on the roadTOUR 4
Go by bus, perhapsTOUR 4

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