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Answer TOM – Crossword Puzzle Solver

300-game winner GlavineTOM 3
___ turkeyTOM 3
SwiftTOM 3
CruiseTOM 3
SeaverTOM 3
"Ziggy" cartoonist WilsonTOM 3
"Arcadia" playwright StoppardTOM 3
"Masochism Tango" satirist LehrerTOM 3
"Captain Phillips" actor HanksTOM 3
"Patriot Games" novelist ClancyTOM 3
"Patriot Games" writer ClancyTOM 3
"Magnum, P.I." star SelleckTOM 3
"Little Children" author PerrottaTOM 3
"Funky Winkerbean" cartoonist BatiukTOM 3
"Sex Bomb" singer JonesTOM 3
Mr. CatTOM 3
A JonesTOM 3
Object of a turkey hunt featured in the middle of 17-, 28-, 48-, and 65-AcrossTOM 3
Nursery rhyme boy who "stole a pig, and away he run"TOM 3
Word for turkey hidden in 11 answers of this puzzleTOM 3
Boy whose name is repeated in a nursery rhyme with 3 letters
Boy whose name is repeated in a nursery rhymeTOM 3
When repeated, a drum played with the handsTOM 3
Name repeated in a nursery rhymeTOM 3
The piper's son, in a nursery rhymeTOM 3
Wolfe in sheep-colored clothing?TOM 3
Doubled, part of a drumkitTOM 3
First of a familiar trioTOM 3
Hen's mate, talking turkeyTOM 3
Jerry's partner, in toonsTOM 3
Jerry's tormentor in cartoonsTOM 3
Kat "prefix," in celeb gossipTOM 3
Member of a familiar trioTOM 3
Member of an average trioTOM 3
Name for a certain male birdTOM 3
Pig stealer, in a nursery rhymeTOM 3
Poem's porcine purloinerTOM 3
The piper's son, in rhymeTOM 3
This puzzle's theme wordTOM 3
Waits in the recording studioTOM 3
When doubled, a kind of drumTOM 3
Country music icon, ______ ConnorsTOM 3
Kenyan independence leader ___ MboyaTOM 3
"__ Thumb" (locomotive demonstrated by Peter Cooper on August 28, 1830)TOM 3
Elizabeth's husband on "The Blacklist"TOM 3
Arnold of comedyTOM 3
Back-fence yowlerTOM 3
Canty of fictionTOM 3
Cat on the prowlTOM 3
Cruise in the moviesTOM 3
Cruise, of the moviesTOM 3

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