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Answer TOANDFRO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

How an airport shuttle travelsTOANDFRO 8
Like a pendulum's motionTOANDFRO 8
How a pendulum swingsTOANDFRO 8
How pendulums moveTOANDFRO 8
How pendulums swingTOANDFRO 8
One way of swingingTOANDFRO 8
The way ferries goTOANDFRO 8
The way ferries travelTOANDFRO 8
AlternatelyTOANDFRO 8
Back and forthTOANDFRO 8
BidirectionalTOANDFRO 8
Both waysTOANDFRO 8
One way to swayTOANDFRO 8
Way of swayingTOANDFRO 8
Way to swayTOANDFRO 8

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