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Answer TIVO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2013 Technical and Engineering Emmy winnerTIVO 4
Device for the modern-day couch potatoTIVO 4
Device with a peanut-shaped remoteTIVO 4
One way to watch a show on demandTIVO 4
Record for later viewing, in a wayTIVO 4
Record for later viewing, perhapsTIVO 4
What may ensure the show goes on?TIVO 4
What may give pause to couch potatoes?TIVO 4
Binge-watching aid, maybeTIVO 4
Busy viewer's convenienceTIVO 4
Couch potato's recording deviceTIVO 4
Device purchased to avoid adsTIVO 4
Device that can skip adsTIVO 4
Digital program recorderTIVO 4
Digital recording deviceTIVO 4
Digital way to record showsTIVO 4
High-tech video recording brandTIVO 4
Home entertainment brandTIVO 4
It can help you avoid adsTIVO 4
Modern subscription serviceTIVO 4
One way to record a program with 4 letters
One way to record a programTIVO 4
One way to record a showTIVO 4
Popular program recorderTIVO 4
Program recording deviceTIVO 4
Program-recording systemTIVO 4
Record for later, in a wayTIVO 4
Record for later viewingTIVO 4
Save for later, in a wayTIVO 4
Save, in a way, as some showsTIVO 4
Set-top recording deviceTIVO 4
Watch-when-you-want gadgetTIVO 4
Anti-commercial deviceTIVO 4
Boob tube gadgetTIVO 4
Box in many densTIVO 4
Box in many homesTIVO 4
Brand that's a verbTIVO 4
Certain set-top boxTIVO 4
Coach potato's godsendTIVO 4
Couch potato's boonTIVO 4
Couch potato's buyTIVO 4
Device with a hard diskTIVO 4
Digital recorderTIVO 4
Heavy viewer's aidTIVO 4
High-tech recorderTIVO 4
Instant replay providerTIVO 4
It can stop the showTIVO 4
Modern recording deviceTIVO 4
Modern recording optionTIVO 4
Modern way to recordTIVO 4
Not watch live, sayTIVO 4

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