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Answer TIRE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___-bouchon (corkscrew)TIRE 4
___ out (exhaust)TIRE 4
______ ironTIRE 4
foldTIRE 4
58-Across is oneTIRE 4
DrainTIRE 4
WearyTIRE 4
''Radial'' auto partTIRE 4
WeakenTIRE 4
*Makeshift swingTIRE 4
'Spare' partTIRE 4
ExhaustTIRE 4
FatigueTIRE 4
Kumho product (admit it, you laughed at the brand name)TIRE 4
It can be balanced and biased simultaneouslyTIRE 4
A spare one might be lost on a dietTIRE 4
Auto part that may be self-sealingTIRE 4
It can wear down from too much travelTIRE 4
It may be worn down from traveling with 4 letters
It may be worn down from travelingTIRE 4
It may wear down after too much travelTIRE 4
It rotates ... and may be rotatedTIRE 4
It wears on you during a road tripTIRE 4
Makeshift swing hung from a treeTIRE 4
Many have a spare one in the middleTIRE 4
One needing pressure to perform wellTIRE 4
Part of a makeshift swing, perhapsTIRE 4
Unlucky fisherman's catch, in comicsTIRE 4
Unlucky fisherman's haul, in cartoonsTIRE 4
Pneumatic __ (invention credited to John Boyd Dunlop)TIRE 4
Bad thing for van to blowTIRE 4
Economical backyard swingTIRE 4
Fail to be indefatigableTIRE 4
Huge part of a monster truckTIRE 4
Inexpensive swing, perhapsTIRE 4
Inner tube's surroundingTIRE 4
It comes before irons or chainsTIRE 4
Item kicked by some motoristsTIRE 4
It goes around and aroundTIRE 4
It may be full of hot airTIRE 4
It may be worn after travelingTIRE 4
It may eventually become baldTIRE 4
It's changed quickly in a raceTIRE 4
It's worn on a road tripTIRE 4
It wears from excessive travelTIRE 4
One of a semi's eighteenTIRE 4
Part of a makeshift swingTIRE 4
Part of the landing gearTIRE 4
Pit stop replacement, at timesTIRE 4

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