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Answer TIDES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

SurgesTIDES 5
"The Prince of ___"TIDES 5
Helps enough to keep going, with ''over''TIDES 5
Destroyers of many small castlesTIDES 5
Helps through a tough time, with "over"TIDES 5
Helps through difficulty, with "over"TIDES 5
Norfolk minor league baseball teamTIDES 5
They affect the heights of puntsTIDES 5
They get high on the beach every dayTIDES 5
Destroyers of many castlesTIDES 5
In-and-out ocean phenomenaTIDES 5
Items in a nautical tableTIDES 5
Potential sandcastle destroyersTIDES 5
Sandcastle destroyers, perhapsTIDES 5
They come and go at the beachTIDES 5
They get high twice a dayTIDES 5
They have highs and lowsTIDES 5
They have their highs and lowsTIDES 5
They're influenced by the moonTIDES 5
They rise and fall periodicallyTIDES 5
Traditional almanac data with 5 letters
Traditional almanac dataTIDES 5
Anglers' concernsTIDES 5
Astronomical studyTIDES 5
Clammers' concernsTIDES 5
Coastal phenomenaTIDES 5
Ebb and neap, e.g.TIDES 5
Fisherman's concernTIDES 5
Flood and springTIDES 5
Flood, neap, etc.TIDES 5
Fundy highs and lowsTIDES 5
Gravitational effectsTIDES 5
Gravitational phenomenaTIDES 5
Harbor pilots' concernsTIDES 5
High and low, e.g.TIDES 5
High and low phenomenaTIDES 5
High and low watersTIDES 5
Holds, with "over"TIDES 5
Mariners' concernsTIDES 5
Maritime phenomenaTIDES 5
Meteorology concernsTIDES 5
Moon-driven phenomenaTIDES 5
Moon-related phenomenaTIDES 5
Nautical almanac topicsTIDES 5
Nautical table listingTIDES 5
Navigator's concernsTIDES 5
Neap, flood, etc.TIDES 5
Ocean comers and goersTIDES 5
Proverbial non-waitersTIDES 5
Sailing concernsTIDES 5
Sailors' concernsTIDES 5

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