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Answer THOR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2011 superhero film starring Chris HemsworthTHOR 4
2011 blockbusterTHOR 4
2011 superhero filmTHOR 4
2011 superhero movieTHOR 4
2011 title role for Chris HemsworthTHOR 4
2011 role for Chris Hemsworth as Odin's sonTHOR 4
''The Avengers'' characterTHOR 4
"Hammered" comic-book superheroTHOR 4
"Mighty" superhero in 1987's "Adventures in Babysitting"THOR 4
MissileTHOR 4
War godTHOR 4
2011 Chris Hemsworth superhero roleTHOR 4
2011 Kenneth Branagh filmTHOR 4
'The Avengers' heroTHOR 4
"Kon-Tiki" builder HeyerdahlTHOR 4
"Kon-Tiki" author HeyerdahlTHOR 4
"Kon-Tiki" sailor HeyerdahlTHOR 4
"B.C." characterTHOR 4
God with a weekday named after him who can be found in this puzzle's three grid-spanning entriesTHOR 4
God whose wife had hair of finely spun goldTHOR 4
God with a day of the week named after him with 4 letters
God with a day of the week named after himTHOR 4
God whose chariot was pulled by the goats Tanngrisnir and TanngnjóstrTHOR 4
Superhero who debuted in the comic book "Journey Into Mystery"THOR 4
A weekday was named for this godTHOR 4
Deity for whom a weekday was namedTHOR 4
Goat-drawn chariot rider, in mythTHOR 4
God whose chariot is drawn by goatsTHOR 4
God with a weekday named after himTHOR 4
His magic belt doubled his strengthTHOR 4
Name in the etymology of "thunder"THOR 4
Norse deity with a goat-drawn chariotTHOR 4
Norse god with a goat-drawn chariotTHOR 4
Wearer of iron gloves and a power-beltTHOR 4
One of the superheroes in 2012's "The Avengers"THOR 4
Ballistic missile of the 1950sTHOR 4
Eponym for the fifth of sevenTHOR 4
God with a belt of strengthTHOR 4
He owns an incredible hammerTHOR 4
He rode a goat-drawn chariotTHOR 4
Legendary hammer-wielderTHOR 4
Loki's brother, in moviesTHOR 4
Midgard serpent's slayerTHOR 4
Mythical god with a hammerTHOR 4
Mythological hammer throwerTHOR 4
Norse electricity source?THOR 4
Old satellite-launching rocketTHOR 4
Old space-launched rocketTHOR 4
Satellite-launching missileTHOR 4
Sif's husband in mythologyTHOR 4
Superhero based on a godTHOR 4

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