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Answer TELLSON – Crossword Puzzle Solver

AffectsTELLSON 7
FingersTELLSON 7
SquealsTELLSON 7
TattlesTELLSON 7
Gets into trouble, maybeTELLSON 7
Betrays, in a wayTELLSON 7
Does a snitching jobTELLSON 7
Exposes by squealingTELLSON 7
Gives away, in a wayTELLSON 7
Points the finger atTELLSON 7
Reveals secrets aboutTELLSON 7
Runs to mom aboutTELLSON 7
Sells out, kid-styleTELLSON 7
Emulates a ratTELLSON 7
Rats outTELLSON 7
Tattles aboutTELLSON 7

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