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Answer TAXI – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ dancerTAXI 4
1978-'80 Outstanding Comedy SeriesTAXI 4
#48 on TV Guide's "50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time"TAXI 4
JitneyTAXI 4
Cab ___TAXI 4
VehicleTAXI 4
2004 Queen Latifah movieTAXI 4
2004 Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah movieTAXI 4
"Cash Cab" conveyanceTAXI 4
"Cash Cab" settingTAXI 4
"Cash Cab" vehicleTAXI 4
"Cash Cab" venueTAXI 4
Cry before screeching brakes, maybeTAXI 4
Emmy-winning comedy of 1979-1981TAXI 4
Finding one takes a "hail" of an effortTAXI 4
It might make a career in the cityTAXI 4
It might pick someone up at the barTAXI 4
Its business is always picking upTAXI 4
It's yelled with one hand raisedTAXI 4
Man in the street's desire, perhapsTAXI 4
One with a checkered past, possibly with 4 letters
One with a checkered past, possiblyTAXI 4
Shout made with an outstretched handTAXI 4
Thanks cricket players for transportTAXI 4
Airport-departure optionTAXI 4
Airport-hotel connectionTAXI 4
Airport-to-hotel connectorTAXI 4
Alternative to the subwayTAXI 4
Approach the arrival gateTAXI 4
Car without seatbelts, usuallyTAXI 4
Crosstown bus alternativeTAXI 4
Cry often made after a whistleTAXI 4
Cry on a rainy night, perhapsTAXI 4
Follow up on a touchdownTAXI 4
Futile call on a rainy dayTAXI 4
Head to the terminal, sayTAXI 4
It has a horn and chargesTAXI 4
It has a motor and a meterTAXI 4
Its business is picking upTAXI 4
It's hailed by city dwellersTAXI 4
It's hailed in many citiesTAXI 4
It's often taken to the airportTAXI 4
Mass-transit alternativeTAXI 4
Member of a fleet, perhapsTAXI 4
Member of a street fleetTAXI 4
Modern advertising mediumTAXI 4
Move from gate to runwayTAXI 4
Move toward the airstripTAXI 4
Necessity for a fare trade?TAXI 4
Out-of-airport transportTAXI 4
Part of an airport fleetTAXI 4

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