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Answer TAROT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

22-card deckTAROT 5
78-card deckTAROT 5
"Card" gameTAROT 5
"Wheel of Fortune," e.g.TAROT 5
Deck divided into the major arcana and the minor arcanaTAROT 5
Deck whose suits include batons, coins, and cupsTAROT 5
Deck consisting of the minor and major arcanaTAROT 5
Deck of wands, swords, cups and pentaclesTAROT 5
Business cards for fortunetellersTAROT 5
Kind of deck for a fortunetellerTAROT 5
Playing card for a fortunetellerTAROT 5
Type of deck with allegorical cardsTAROT 5
Alternative to tea leavesTAROT 5
Card of fortune, supposedlyTAROT 5
Cards for the clairvoyantTAROT 5
Crystal ball alternativeTAROT 5
Deck for a fortunetellerTAROT 5
Deck full of cups and wandsTAROT 5
Deck used for divinationTAROT 5
Deck used to predict the futureTAROT 5
Deck with cups and swords with 5 letters
Deck with cups and swordsTAROT 5
Fortune-teller's business cardTAROT 5
Fortune teller's deck of cardsTAROT 5
Gypsy's specialty, maybeTAROT 5
It holds the sun and the moonTAROT 5
Member of a reader's deckTAROT 5
Pentacle bearer, perhapsTAROT 5
Place to see a hanged man, e.g.TAROT 5
Predictive deck, supposedlyTAROT 5
Set of fortunetelling cardsTAROT 5
What a reader may interpretTAROT 5
Allegorical cardTAROT 5
Allegorical deckTAROT 5
Card deck for diviningTAROT 5
Card for the futureTAROT 5
Card for tomorrow?TAROT 5
Card in a seer's deckTAROT 5
Card of the future?TAROT 5
Card of virtue or viceTAROT 5
Cards for divinationTAROT 5
Cards worth a fortune?TAROT 5
Card with a messageTAROT 5
Card worth a fortune?TAROT 5
Clairvoyant's cardTAROT 5
Clairvoyant's card deckTAROT 5
Clairvoyant's cardsTAROT 5
Clairvoyant's deckTAROT 5
Deal of fortune?TAROT 5
Death is a part of itTAROT 5
Death is part of itTAROT 5

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