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Answer TANGELO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Fruit created circa 1904TANGELO 7
Grapefruit hybridTANGELO 7
Grapefruit's cousinTANGELO 7
Hybrid citrus fruitTANGELO 7
Ugli, for exampleTANGELO 7
Citrus fruitTANGELO 7
Citrus hybridTANGELO 7
Citrus treeTANGELO 7
Hybrid citrusTANGELO 7
Hybrid fruitTANGELO 7
Juicy fruitTANGELO 7
Juicy hybridTANGELO 7
Kumquat cousinTANGELO 7

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