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Answer TALC – Crossword Puzzle Solver

#1 on the Mohs scaleTALC 4
"Take a powder"TALC 4
AgaliteTALC 4
Mineral resistant to heat, electricity and acidTALC 4
After-shower application, for someTALC 4
Athletes use it when they take a powderTALC 4
Mineral used in making lubricantsTALC 4
Mineral that's the softest on the Mohs scaleTALC 4
After-bath powder, perhapsTALC 4
After-shower applicationTALC 4
Basketball player's applicationTALC 4
Billiards player's powderTALC 4
Certain white powder, casuallyTALC 4
Covering for a baby's bottomTALC 4
Creator of a bathroom cloudTALC 4
Dusting-powder ingredientTALC 4
Easily-scratched mineralTALC 4
Finishing touch at the barberTALC 4
Hydrous magnesium silicateTALC 4
Ingredient in tailor's chalkTALC 4
It gets patted on the bottom with 4 letters
It gets patted on the bottomTALC 4
It may be patted on the backTALC 4
It may be put on after a showerTALC 4
It may go right to the bottomTALC 4
It might be patted on the backTALC 4
Major component of soapstoneTALC 4
Mineral in tailor's chalkTALC 4
Nursery need, informallyTALC 4
Part of a baby's toiletteTALC 4
Powder ingredient, perhapsTALC 4
Powder not found in kegsTALC 4
Powder that goes to the bottom?TALC 4
Soapstone is a variety of itTALC 4
Soapstone, predominantlyTALC 4
Sprinkle after a shower?TALC 4
Supply at a changing stationTALC 4
Tailor's chalk ingredientTALC 4
Tailor's chalk, typicallyTALC 4
You can get rash with it?TALC 4
Mineral at the soft end of the Mohs scaleTALC 4
It's below gypsum on the Mohs scaleTALC 4
Absorbent applicationTALC 4
Absorbent powderTALC 4
After-bath applicationTALC 4
After bath powderTALC 4
After-bath sootherTALC 4
After-bath sprinkleTALC 4
Aftershave applicationTALC 4
After-shave itemTALC 4
After-shave powderTALC 4

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