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Answer TAKEFIVE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Give it a rest!"TAKEFIVE 8
'Break --!'TAKEFIVE 8
"Relax!"TAKEFIVE 8
"Rest ___"TAKEFIVE 8
Relax (and title of this puzzle)TAKEFIVE 8
Get some coffee, perhapsTAKEFIVE 8
Relax, in musicians' jargonTAKEFIVE 8
Stop for a cup of coffee, sayTAKEFIVE 8
Chill for a whileTAKEFIVE 8
DirectiveTAKEFIVE 8
Have a breatherTAKEFIVE 8
Relax a bitTAKEFIVE 8
Rest a bitTAKEFIVE 8
Rest awhileTAKEFIVE 8
Classic Dave Brubeck songTAKEFIVE 8
Dave Brubeck signature pieceTAKEFIVE 8

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