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Answer TADA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Told you I could do it!"TADA 4
"And here I am!"TADA 4
"Aren't I amazing?!"TADA 4
"Didn't I do great?!"TADA 4
"There! I did it!"TADA 4
"Wasn't I amazing?!"TADA 4
"Look, I made a souffle!"TADA 4
"Ain't I wonderful!"TADA 4
"Look, I did it!"TADA 4
"Look! No hands!"TADA 4
"See, I did it!"TADA 4
"Here I am!"TADA 4
Words of accomplishment sung with upturned palmsTADA 4
Verbal fanfare that might accompany a drum rollTADA 4
Cry frequently made with jazz handsTADA 4
Exclamation accompanying a drumrollTADA 4
Interjection that may precede a bowTADA 4
Accompanier of a wondrous featTADA 4
Accompaniment to a drum rollTADA 4
Accompaniment to a drumrollTADA 4
Bit of verbal trumpeting with 4 letters
Bit of verbal trumpetingTADA 4
Cry after a successful stuntTADA 4
Cry made with a curtsy, maybeTADA 4
Cry made with a flourishTADA 4
Cry with a swelled chestTADA 4
Dramatic entrance announcementTADA 4
Drumroll follower, at timesTADA 4
Exclamation of achievementTADA 4
Exclamation with a drum rollTADA 4
Exclamation with a flourishTADA 4
Fanfare following a drumrollTADA 4
Follower of a wondrous featTADA 4
Post-performance exclamationTADA 4
Shout following a drumrollTADA 4
Sound upon the big revealTADA 4
Vocal imitation of a fanfareTADA 4
Words after a drumroll, perhapsTADA 4
Announcement fanfareTADA 4
Articulated fanfareTADA 4
Bit of verbal fanfareTADA 4
Bit of vocal fanfareTADA 4
Cousin of "voila!"TADA 4
Cry before applauseTADA 4
Cry of accomplishmentTADA 4
Cry of achievementTADA 4
Cry of unveilingTADA 4
Cry that's often sungTADA 4
Drumroll followerTADA 4
Entertainer's wordTADA 4
Fake-fanfare soundTADA 4

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