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Answer TABS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

BillsTABS 4
ChitsTABS 4
CostsTABS 4
FlapsTABS 4
ChecksTABS 4
PierceTABS 4
"Watch ___!"TABS 4
Where months are shown, on some license platesTABS 4
Close surveillance, idiomaticallyTABS 4
Papers that often have scareheadsTABS 4
Police may keep them on suspectsTABS 4
Starts a paragraph, electronicallyTABS 4
Browser window organizersTABS 4
Cops may keep them on a suspectTABS 4
Cops may keep them on suspectsTABS 4
Drinks may be put on themTABS 4
Features of some notebooksTABS 4
It's good to keep these on kidsTABS 4
Keep ___ on (watch closely)TABS 4
Manila folder extensionsTABS 4
Moves the cursor, in a way with 4 letters
Moves the cursor, in a wayTABS 4
Settings for columned documentsTABS 4
Settings in word processingTABS 4
Surveillance, so to speakTABS 4
They get picked up at barsTABS 4
They may be kept on suspectsTABS 4
They may be picked up by hostsTABS 4
They may be picked up in barsTABS 4
They're kept on situationsTABS 4
They're picked up by treatersTABS 4
They're picked up in barsTABS 4
Things kept on some peopleTABS 4
What people may run at barsTABS 4
You can run these in a barTABS 4
Guitarists' cheat sheets (Abbr.)TABS 4
Aid for making columnsTABS 4
Barkeep's recordsTABS 4
Barkeeps recordsTABS 4
Bartenders run themTABS 4
Bills for drinksTABS 4
Cereal box-top partsTABS 4
Certain computer keysTABS 4
Chrome window featuresTABS 4
Close surveillanceTABS 4
Day planner featuresTABS 4
Diners' concernsTABS 4
Drinkers may run themTABS 4
File folder appendagesTABS 4
File-folder attachmentsTABS 4
File folder extensionsTABS 4

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