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Answer TABLETOP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Place for the place settingTABLETOP 8
Site for chicken dinnersTABLETOP 8
A dining-room surfaceTABLETOP 8
Dining surface, e.g.TABLETOP 8
Gaming surface, perhapsTABLETOP 8
Place for a centerpieceTABLETOP 8
Type of photographTABLETOP 8
Dining surfaceTABLETOP 8
Makeshift deskTABLETOP 8
Service area?TABLETOP 8
Setting settingTABLETOP 8
Work areaTABLETOP 8
Lazy Susan localeTABLETOP 8
Ping-Pong surfaceTABLETOP 8

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