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Answer STRAW – Crossword Puzzle Solver

__ in the wind (omen)STRAW 5
___ man argumentSTRAW 5
_____ pollSTRAW 5
_____ hat; PanamaSTRAW 5
*BoaterSTRAW 5
SipperSTRAW 5
TrifleSTRAW 5
"Turkey in the ___"STRAW 5
"This sucks"STRAW 5
Sucker?STRAW 5
"The Last ___"STRAW 5
"The Wizard of Oz" costumeSTRAW 5
It can be twisted and flicked to make a loud popSTRAW 5
Unwise homebuilder's material, so the story goesSTRAW 5
From which gold is spun, in a fairy taleSTRAW 5
Like a house destroyed by this puzzle's subjectSTRAW 5
Van/choc/__ (abbr. on three-flavor ice cream)STRAW 5
First little pig's building materialSTRAW 5
First pig's construction materialSTRAW 5
If you use this, you're a sucker with 5 letters
If you use this, you're a suckerSTRAW 5
Material for some artificial humansSTRAW 5
Rumpelstiltskin spun it into goldSTRAW 5
Something to stick in a milk shakeSTRAW 5
Building material for one of the Three Little PigsSTRAW 5
Animal bedding, sometimesSTRAW 5
Backbreaker, in a proverbSTRAW 5
Building material for a pigSTRAW 5
Drowning man's last resortSTRAW 5
Horse stall bedding, oftenSTRAW 5
If you use one, you're a suckerSTRAW 5
It broke the camel's backSTRAW 5
It can make a sucker out of youSTRAW 5
Item sometimes having an elbowSTRAW 5
It may stick out of a glassSTRAW 5
It might get stuck in a drinkSTRAW 5
It's often found in a milkshakeSTRAW 5
It's used by people who suckSTRAW 5
It winds up in the drinkSTRAW 5
Rumpelstiltskin materialSTRAW 5
Rumpelstiltskin raw materialSTRAW 5
The last one's a backbreakerSTRAW 5
Type of poll or mattressSTRAW 5
What might bring a shake up?STRAW 5
Material for one of the Three Little PigsSTRAW 5
A sucker might use thisSTRAW 5
Backbreaker, in proverbSTRAW 5
Backbreaker of fableSTRAW 5
Bactrian backbreaker?STRAW 5
Barn floor coveringSTRAW 5

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