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Answer STATS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

54 Across infoSTATS 5
Assists, three-pointers, turnovers, etc.STATS 5
Baseball card figures, for shortSTATS 5
Much of the back of a baseball cardSTATS 5
Rebounds, shooting percentage, etc.STATS 5
Reprographers' products, for shortSTATS 5
Some of the fine print on sports pagesSTATS 5
A ballplayer might pad themSTATS 5
Ballpark figures, for shortSTATS 5
Box scores are filled with themSTATS 5
Certain copies, for shortSTATS 5
Color commentator's fodderSTATS 5
Econometrician's numbersSTATS 5
Endings for thermo and photoSTATS 5
Field goal percentages and suchSTATS 5
Numbers, backwards and forwardsSTATS 5
Numbers on baseball cardsSTATS 5
Numerical data, for shortSTATS 5
Numerical facts, for shortSTATS 5
Office copies, for shortSTATS 5
On-base percentage and others with 5 letters
On-base percentage and othersSTATS 5
Rebounds per game and othersSTATS 5
Rotisserie league concernSTATS 5
Rotisserie league figuresSTATS 5
Saves, strikeouts, wins, etc.STATS 5
Some photocopies, for shortSTATS 5
Sports buff's memorizationSTATS 5
Sports figures, briefly?STATS 5
Sports numbers, for shortSTATS 5
Sports-page numbers, for shortSTATS 5
Vital details, for shortSTATS 5
Assists and stealsSTATS 5
Assists and suchSTATS 5
Ballpark figures?STATS 5
Baseball card dataSTATS 5
Baseball card figuresSTATS 5
Baseball card infoSTATS 5
Baseball card tidbitsSTATS 5
Baseball chartfulSTATS 5
Box score briefsSTATS 5
Box score numbersSTATS 5
Data, up or downSTATS 5
Descriptive numbersSTATS 5
E.r.a and r.b.i.STATS 5
E.r.a. and r.b.i.STATS 5
E.r.a., r.b.i., etc.STATS 5
Fantasy football dataSTATS 5
Fantasy league figuresSTATS 5
Fantasy sports figuresSTATS 5
Figures, for shortSTATS 5

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